The Swiss Market

Check whether you are fit for the Swiss market

The typical Swiss Consumer

The Swiss shopper basically act in four price ranges:
Mass: 10 - 20 $
Premium: 30 - 60 $
Prestige: 70 - 140 $
Luxury: over 150 $

Select the segment in which you want to compete

The right channel for your product

Important channels for cosmetics are:
Department stores
Perfumery chains
Private drugstores

There are no drugstore chains (as in DE or NL) on the market, with the exception of Müller

No success without Online

The "online" share of cosmetics has risen massively in 2020 and will expand in the long term

We have the tools you need to sell your brand successfully in e-commerce

Fulfill all regulations

Switzerland is not a member of the EU, so the import of consumer goods is subject to different regulations.
Cosmetics do not require a CPNP
(Only technical and analytical protocols required)